Gaming Store Focus-War Torn Front in Manteca, CA

“Magic gathering recently broke the world record for largest gaming convention. There were 4500 players in ¬†single tournament”-Placido Galvan

war torn front manteca

I recently had the chance to interview Placido Galvan, the inventory manager at War Torn Front in Manteca, CA. From that interview, I was able to find out more about the Omni-Channel presence that War Gaming front offers to the gaming community.

If the humble reader is not familiar with that term, Omni-Channel is a term for retailers who have a presence in both offline and online channels. Several retailers have cited increased sales in recent years due to have a presence on both the web and in the ‘real world’ of having a brick and mortar storefront

Its clearly the reverse of the so called death of retail stores. Its actually a very refreshing thing to see a retail store thrive, and also bring in new customers.

Magic The Gathering has shown record growth recently, and drives a significant portion of Hasbros annual 1.2 billion dollars in sales. There are over 12 million players worldwide and 3.3 million active ones. The brand blueprint below, highlights some of the very effective retail strategies that Hasbro offers to the gaming market

War Torn Front has an inventory of over 80,000 cards and serves international markets through their website. They also hold events every Friday and Saturday night. For BOTH Dungeons & Dragons and also Magic The Gathering-not bad!


I encourage everyone to check out War Torn Front in Manteca, CA. Its refreshing to see a story do well these days, and one that also focuses on a fun hobby.

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