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This weekend I had the opportunity to visit Comic Ink in Dublin, CA. What a great store!. It’s a rare event these days when you can walk into a comic store and receive a sense of welcome. 


There is a varied selection of comics, trades, and toys. It’s rare to see back issues prominently displayed in a store these days, but you have to give the owners credit of recognizing the current trend of prominently displaying graphic novel trades, but also recognizing the past avid comics collector.

If you arrive on Saturdays, you can get a chance to get a commission from Julie Strachan, the store coowner. I highly recommend any comic enthusiast to see some of here art.artist comics rack Julie’s skill and craft comes through as she is mimics the style or any comic artist and adds some of her own spin to make the art piece truly unique.

The current piece she was working on at the time was a profile of The Avengers. You could see Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man in their full glory! Next to the piece were some original pieces highlighting Batman and Daredevil as well.

I had a chance to interview Derek Strachan (the store owner) and hear his thoughts on what makes a comic store truly great.

COMICS RACK: Thanks for taking the time for this interview Derek. Can you tell me a little more about your store, what you guys do, and how do you differentiate?

comics rack owner

DEREK STRACHAN: We had to make sure we had a little bit of everything. When I was a young collector I always preferred the stores where you could look at comics, toys, statues, and look at Japanese imports. It was important to us to truly concentrate on opening the store up, and truly making sure we had the right selection

COMICS RACK: For sure. You have developed a true difference with the original art, and the old arcades machine in the background. Do you guys have any events going on soon?

DEREK STRACHAN: We love to focus on local artists and creators. We’re always pushing to highlight what’s local and truly unique. Anyone can contact us at our website for more information.

I want to thank Derek and Julie for taking the time to speak with me.It was a true pleasure to do our first featured post on Comics Ink in Dublin, California. You can find out more information about their store and site at

Stay tuned for more stores and other general updates!



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