About Us

What is this site about? It’s simple really. It’s about the local comics rack. One of my favorite memories growing up was going to the local Comic Store and checking out what’s new. There would be several new stories and adventures for me to delve into on a weekly basis. It was magic. In a world of digital and non digital, we are losing out on the very things that comic book stores special. We are losing out on community. 

Maybe its just me, but mainstream comics have gotten boring.  DC and Marvel have the same corporate philosophy of “shock value, rinse and regurgitate”. Characters live, and characters die, then they come back. Comics don’t really matter anymore. It’s a sad fact to say, but its hard to really talk about what’s going on in the big two with any kind of seriousness, is it? Maybe its an age thing. (I’m in my mid thirties, so I can be a little biased).

But there are things out there that are reversing the trend aren’t there? Industry stalwarts like Dark Horse, Avatar, Image, and IDW are doing something NEW. Something different. Comics like The Walking Dead are setting a new industry standard for what makes a good comic, and multimedia presence. Other comics are following suit. Image is in the middle of a creative renaissance, and companies like IDW and Dark Horse continue to produce great content.

Hence the comics rack. I want to bring it all back. I want to bring back that sense of community, and also the excitement and passion that truly make me love this medium. We will be focusing on comic stores that offer a great customer experience, but also give articles and interviews with creators that can show that comics can truly mean something.  They can transcend and offer an experience that no other medium can truly offer. Creator owned is the site focus, but we will from time to time be offering a look back at comics from times past that truly offered something different.

We hope you’ll stay engaged. The rack is back!